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Justin Verrengia , Larry Werts & Susan Rouslin

Justin Verrengia, Nick Verrengia, Larry Werts & Susan Rouslin

Justin Verrengia, Uncle Lee Finger, Nick Verrengia & Finlay Townsend

Mark Huba & Migel Perez

Mark Huba

Marlene Schenck & Guest

Michael Kahn & Dr Ernie Panza

Michael Kahn & Joyce Durbin

Michael Kahn & Justin Verrengia

Mim Sangiamo, Joyce Durbin, Uncle Lee Finger & Pete Petrignani

Nick Verrengia & Guest

Nick Verrengia, Larry Weerts & Bruce Kaufmann

Samuel Johnny & Shirley Fuller

Shirley Full & Guest (Mark)

Steve Carmack & Finlay Townsend

Steve Carmack & Nick Verrengia

Stuart Finger & Larry Werts

Stuart Finger & Samuel Johnny

Stuart Finger & Jeff Lang

Stuart Finger & Nick Verrengia

The Boys - Dave M, Tom V, Don S, Edwardo & Nick Jr.

Uncle Lee Finger & Joyce Durbin

Uncle Lee, Michael, Susan & Stuart

WOW...What a Crowd...!


.: members

This segment is evolving, but we need your help to make it complete...!

Send us pictures of your teams...! That's right - at your next meeting take pictures. Let us show GBG and the rest of our team who everyone is and where they come from.

Many of you, who are part of Matrix Masters joined our team in areas that we have never visited. We want to know who you are....sooooooooo, send in those pics....and we will post them here!

Below are some starters and some leaders for you to get to know...!


Nick Verrengia, Presidential Platinum Member (New Port Richey, FL)

Susan Rouslin, Presidential Platinum Member (Clearwater, FL)

Steve Carmack, Presidential Platinum (Hudson, FL)

Bruce Kaufmann, Presidential Platinum (Clearwter, FL)

John O'Leary, Presidential Platinum (Palm Harbor, FL)

Bob Perkins, Platinum (St Petersburg,, FL) with Michael Kahn, Co-Owner GBG

Bob Perkins, Danny Glaze, Kenna Peacock & Guests (FL)

Brad Aspin (CA) and Dr Ernie Panza (FL) - Presidential Platinums

Brad Aspin (CA) and Nick Verrengia (FL) - Presidential Platinums

Can I recruit you...? Bob Perkins (FL) & Michael Kahn (GBG Corporate)

Jeff Lang (GBG Corporate) & Nick Verrengia (FL)

Joyce Durbin (FL) & Steve Carmack (FL)

Joyce Durbin (FL) & Susan Rouslin (FL) - GBG Caps

Joyce Durbin, Nick Verrengia, Mim Sangiamo & Uncle Lee Finger

Joyce Durbin, Stuart Finger & Susan Rouslin

Justin Verrengia & Nick Verrengia Jr.

Justin Verrengia, Finlay Townsend & Nick Verrengia Jr.

Stuart Finger & Bob Perkins

Stuart Finger & Dr Ernie Panza

Stuart Finger, Bruce Kaufmann & Dr Kaufmann

Susan Rouslin, Justin Verrengia, Stuart Finger & Larry Werts

Uncle Lee Finger & Nick Verrengia

Uncle Lee Finger & Tom Vega

Uncle Lee, Susan & Michael

Who Is This Guy...? Michael Kahn & Nick Verrengia





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